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Q) What's covered in the course?


Because two-thirds of the difference between average performers and top performers is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, a large part of the course is employees learning insights and tools that significantly improve emotional intelligence.  The result?  Team members understand each other better, communicate MUCH better, and get more done!

To keep the learning personal and practical, each participant completes FOUR different assessments during the course, measuring their preferences in very distinct areas:

DISC – Measures behavioral style. How one responds to problems, people, pace, and procedures. Many communication “a-ha’s” occur right away!

Driving Forces – Measures learned motivators.  The “why” of one’s behavior in six different preference areas: Knowledge Acquisition, Rewards, Community, Surroundings, Power, and Systems of Living.

MBTI – Measures cognitive style.  How one gets mentally re-energized, perceives information, processes information, and makes decisions.

Multiple Intelligences – Measures innate intellect & natural motivators.  How one is naturally gifted in nine areas: Verbal, Logical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, Visual, Naturalistic, Kinesthetic, and Spiritual.

Participants also do practical projects to learn the SEVEN HABITS of HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, plus the mechanics of teamwork as outlined in the best-selling CREATING PASSION-DRIVEN TEAMS, by Daniel Bobinski, owner of

Specific topics almost always include goal setting, time management, Root Cause Analysis (problem solving), using vision & mission statements, on-the-job training, running effective meetings, listening skills, and conflict resolution, plus others. 

Q) What do employees DO with this info?

They learn the different spectrums used in each assessment, and they put their emotional intelligence (EQ) into practice. Our definition of EQ is: 

The ability to perceive and assess one’s one and others’ emotions, desires, and tendencies and, based on those assessments, make the most effective decision for how everyone can best move forward. 

Participants also do practical exercises to become proficient in all the other areas taught in the course.  The learning is strong. The application of content is high. 

Q)  What are some specific benefits of my employees learning these things? 

Employees learn their own strengths and blindspots, plus the strengths and blindspots of styles that are different from theirs.


The course also emphasizes that they are to VALUE the strengths in themselves and each other (as opposed to criticizing the weaknesses). BIG PLUS: Everyone learns -- and practices -- specific techniques for adapting to the different styles. Again, the learning is strong, and the appliation of content is high. 


All of this is done in a fun & engaging way using a variety of activities that reach all learning styles. The result?  Greatly improved communication, better decisions, increased levels of proactivity and commitment, and a MUCH better bottom line!

Q)  How long is the course?  How is it taught?

Over the past several decades, we have delivered this course many different ways, always adapting the needs of our clients.  Sometimes we include extra material, and sometimes we omit material (at the request of the client).  However, the basic emotional intelligence component is ALWAYS included. Here are different ways we’ve taught the course:

  • One day of “seat time” every month for six months, combined with e-learning assignments in between seat classes.  (MOST POPULAR)

  • One day of “seat time” every three weeks for four months (six seat classes total), combined with e-learning assignments in between seat classes. 

  • One day of “seat time” every other week for three months (six seat classes total), combined with e-learning assignments in between seat classes. 

  • Two days (back-to-back) each month for six months. 

  • A half-day once a month for an entire year.

NOTE:  For optimal retention and application of the material, more time in the course is better.  The neuroscience research that supports this recommendation has to do with what is called “attention density” – spreading learning out over time. We still get good results with the compressed courses, but the best results come with a "longer" course. 

Q) What do past participants say?

Our clients LOVE this course.  Even the “crusty” employees who don’t think they need it end up enjoying it and getting a lot out of it.  Here’s what clients have told us:


  • “Thanks to your course, I’m working better with other managers – managers I used to despise. But now we’re working together instead of against each other, and we’re making decisions that are saving the company sometimes $20,000 per day!” 

  • “We are a manufacturing company, and we know exactly how profitable we're going to be based on how much we produce.  And, when we make a capital improvement, we know exactly when that investment will pay off, and how much more profit we’ll make. Well, this year we are millions of dollars ahead of where we’re supposed to be, and the only thing we’re doing differently is this course.”

  • “I have a small team of nine people, and they were bitterly divided. This was causing huge problems, as they all need to work together to make things happen. I tried so many things that didn’t work, and then I decided to put them through this course. What a difference! Now everyone is working together and everything hums along like a well-oiled machine.” 

  • “I have a very valuable manager who knows a lot, but he was divisive and nobody wanted to work with him. I couldn’t afford to lose him, but everyone wanted to quit. This course changed all that. After only six months, the whole team wants to stay and they are all working much better together.”

  • "We were getting a lot of grievances filed against our front line supervisors.  After just three months of them going through this course, grievances were down 68%."

  • "In my career, wherever I've worked, I've been through many similar-type courses. Yours is the best -- by far." 

  • (From the CFO of a major corporation):  "I'm in my 60's and I'm learning so much. I wish I had this course 40 years ago." 

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