Thirty years ago, Daniel Bobinski decided to make a difference.


Daniel had been coached before coaching was a thing, and it made a huge impact on him. He asked his coach to show him how to coach others (this was before coaching institutes emerged), and before long Daniel was training others in what is now called emotional intelligence. 

Yes, Daniel was teaching EQ before it was a thing, too. 

Since that time, Daniel has earned several degrees in how people learn and how to create training that sticks. Plus, he's written half-a-dozen books on workplace issues, including an international best-seller. 

Daniel and his team have been helping others for a long time, and our clients love the results. If you think you’d like to learn to be more effective as a leader, a manager, a team member, or if your organization could use a boost to become more effective, just give us a call. There’s never any shame in asking for help in these areas. If nobody has ever taught you, how could you possibly know? 

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Our Mission

For the last 30 years, Workplace Excellence has been helping individuals, teams, and companies acquire & use the interpersonal skills necessary to become more productive, effective, and profitable. 


What drives us? We want everyone to come to work excited. We love to see employees highly engaged in their work and with their coworkers. We want managers to be successful, well-equipped to train their employees to be fulfilled and productive. We want all team members working together cohesively and dynamically. We want people to love what they do, be productive, and leave work happy.


In our 30 years of experience, we have found that when team members have essential interpersonal skills and love what they do, the profitability of the company skyrockets. This ALWAYS starts with enhancing the EQ and skills of key people in the organization. 

Our mission is to help you become more productive, effective, and profitable. In fact, we're so confident that you'll get great results, we even offer a guarantee! 


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Our Team
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Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA

Speaker / Trainer / Coach

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Jonathan Neuneker, CPBA

Technical Project Coordinator

Daniel is happily married to his beautiful bride and has one 16-year old daughter (who has her learner's permit!).  Daniel keeps busy by conducting training & coaching, along with the occasional keynote speech. When he's not doing those things he's usually writing a column for one four different publications that carry his work, or working on a new book, or creating e-learning for one of our clients.  Daniel has an undergraduate degree in Workforce Education, a Masters in Training & Development, and he's "THIS CLOSE" to a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership. 

Jonathan is happily married and has two awesome youngsters, aged 3 and 1. When he's not being a super dad or writing fancy software programs, Jonathan is our Technical Project Coordinator, aka, "Chief Electron Wrangler."  With a degree in computer science from Oregon State University, Jonathan is a software developer extraordinaire. He's also a wizard at making sure all the technical things are working properly -- including the electrons in our Learning Management System, so we can create and host customized training videos for our clients.  

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Alexander Campbell


Lillian Brandsma

Administrative Assistant

Alexander is an available bachelor who, quite frankly, spends too much time working at the moment. He graduated with an accounting degree from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, but he didn't let that get in the way of his passion for being creative, which he channels into marketing. Alex knows that the future is video, so he also spearheads our efforts to get our training courses onto our Learning Management System so people can learn 24/7 from anywhere in the world. In addition to loving music, Alex is also an avid reader. 

Lillian attends Northwest Nazarene University where she is studying nursing and Spanish. She is also an avid science geek, winning seven gold medals in Science Olympiad. In addition to doing a great job keeping us organized, Lillian's hobbies include caring for her ducks and chickens, reading, and roller skating. 

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