Cut through the guesswork and get to the heart of what drives people.

These amazing assessments are taken online        (How to Purchase)


Excellent for tapping into one's "hidden" motivators, and also for resolving conflict between coworkers. Takes only 10 minutes.

These are completed in only 10 minutes and provide uncanny accuracy about one's work style. NEW - STUDENT VERSIONS

- Resolve conflict  

- Develop and coach staff  

                                      - and MORE!

-  Identify the best applicants  

-  Build dynamic teams


We recommend this "sales 3-pack" to improve sales: A Sales Style Analysis, a Workplace Motivators, and a Sales Skills Index. 

Save time & money by getting both the DISC Assessment & the Workplace Motivators all in one report! Choose your version.

Benchmarking lets you identify the behaviors and motivations needed for success on the job---letting you hire/promote the right person!

The chamber staff uses these assessments in the screening and hiring process, as well as for coaching and teambuilding.  They provide us a quick and accurate understanding of where we excel and what we need to watch out for.  Highly recommended.


- Anne LIttle Roberts, CEO
Meridian Chamber of Commerce


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