We always prescribe these three assessments for salespeople.
Armed with info on HOW a person sells, WHY the person sells, and WHAT the person knows about the sales process, you can pinpoint your sales training / coaching and get phenomenal results!

Assessments for Salespeople

Identifies HOW a person sells. (What's their selling style?)

Identifies WHY a person sells. (What motivates them?)

Identifies WHAT the person KNOWS about the sales process.

We used these tools in the interview process for salespeople, and I was blown away by how much information they provided.  Combined with Dan's screening process, I went from interivewing mediocre applicants for three days to  inteviewing three OUTSTANDING candidates in one afternoon.  I wanted to hire them all.

Brian Barchi

Future Business, Inc.

When you've been around sales as long as I have you tend to say "run with your gut." But these reports give you insights that cut through the baloney and help you separate those people who are just blowing smoke from those who can really sell. I love these reports.


R. J. "Pete" Peterson

Franklin Hill Institute

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