Creating Passion-Driven Teams

How to conduct better training


Why invest in training?


  • Better retention - today's workforce wants to learn new skills
    (or they get bored and leave)


  • Better productivity - a 10% increase in training gives you:

    • More productivity than a 10% increase in hours

    • More productivity than a 10% increase in pay


Why don't managers train more?  - Because they've never been taught

how to train.  Training is NOT just telling people what to


We STRONGLY recommend people complete our "Manager as Trainer" course, (like everything we do, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee), but here's the basic overview:


1. Analyze the situation

is it new employee training? A safety issue?

A performance problem? A new skill?

Who will the learners be?

What timeframe is needed?  What resources are available?


2. Create a framework of learning objectives

What is the overarching purpose of the training?

What specific skills must be learned in order to meet that objective?

What must people KNOW and BE CONCERNED ABOUT to do them?

What is the best sequence for learning these skills?  


3. Decide how to best teach those objectives

Who will teach, where will they teach, and in what time frame?

What method(s) of teaching will be best for the learners to learn?

How will the learner be tested?


4. Deliver the training

What is available at the training location?

How and when will instructors be selected & equipped?

What visual or tangible aids will be necessary?

Who will notify the learners and what accomodations will be made?


5. Evaluate the effort

What will be measured on the LEVEL 1 (reaction) evaluation?

What additional levels of evaluation will be made ... and when?

Who will receive the evaluation data?

What will be done with the evaluation data?





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