AT&T has been our client for 10 years. Workplace Excellence provides support and training for trainers in AT&T's Business Sales Leadership Development Program, as well as assessment tools for determining individual selling styles and equipping their new hires in the basics of Emotional Intelligence. 


Washington Trust Bank

When Washington Trust Bank wanted to equip its branch managers with enhanced management and interpersonal skills (EQ), they chose the Workplace Excellence Course. It was so well-received that the company sent their assistant branch managers through the course, as well. 


Idahoan Foods

Starting in the Executive Suite and moving down through three layers of management, Idahoan Foods embraced the Workplace Excellence Course so that their senior staff had effective tools and techniques for making their operation run more smoothly. 


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Medical Equipment Repair Associates  (MERA)

Medical Equipment Repair Associates saw an article Daniel wrote for Medical Dealer magazine, and hired him to speak at one of their annual conferences.  He was such a hit with the attendees that MERA has had Daniel speak at four successive conferences, plus they have hired him to provide coaching and other services for their team. 


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ConAgra Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston had good content for their training, but it was not standardized and trainers were not trained in how to train. They brought in Workplace Excellence and before long, each position had a standardized training manual, and trainers were equipped to train. We also created interactive e-learning for Lamb Weston, freeing up much time for trainers and ensuring everyone gets trained the same. ALSO: Lamb Weston recently signed a contract to start the Workplace Excellence course for its senior and middle managers. 


Qualcomm, Inc. 

Daniel Bobinski was Qualcomm's very first management coach. His relationship with the company started by coaching one engineer in Emotional Intelligence and management skills. That person was promoted rapidly to VP, and he brought Daniel in to coach his entire team. Before long, Daniel was coaching VP's, directors, & managers in three different departments at Qualcomm!


McCain Foods, USA, Inc.

McCain Foods is the world's largest producer of frozen potato products. They brought Daniel in to teach the Workplace Excellence Course at one of its American locations. The course was so well received that McCain had Daniel give the course at all four US plants for all senior managers, middle managers, and supervisors. 


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Personnel in HP's Global Procurement department were tasked with conducting training across many departments worldwide, but few had received any training in how to train. They brought in Daniel Bobinski, who took the team through the 16-hour certified trainer's course via the same online platform that HP employees must use to teach "from a distance" to other HP employees around the world. 


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