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Hands down, the biggest bang for your self-development dollar is 1:1 coaching. Using his proven approach, Daniel will engage you where you're at and equip you with the insights and skills you need to succeed.

  • Choose weekly or bi-weekly sessions 

  • Choose from management coaching, leadership coaching, or sales coaching.

  • You can be anywhere in the world. Daniel coaches using Zoom or Skype (your choice) or phone. 

Daniel has been coaching managers and leaders for 30 years - even those who start as skeptics wind up recommending the program. 

"I have been in management for most of my professional life. I found that working with Daniel Bobinski made me a far better manager and a far more effective leader and executive. I would recommend his expertise, his training, and his books to anyone, without reservation."

- Dan Brinkman, Vice President, MERA

"Daniel provided me with tools to grow and expand my life, plus helped me refine my leadership skills and decision making. The results are a set of concrete skills and techniques that enable me to be more effective."

- Mike Brock, Vice President Digital Engineering Qualcomm, Inc.


  • 2 1/2-hour sessions

  • DISC Assessment

  • Motivators Assessment

  • $537 


  • 8 1/2-hour or 4 1-hour coaching sessions

  • DISC Assessment

  • Motivators Assessment

  • $1518  (payments accepted)


  • 52 1/2-hour or 26 1-hour coaching sessions

  • DISC Assessment

  • Motivators Assessment

  • Cognitive Styles Assessment

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Supplementary E-learning

  • $9,000   (payments accepted)

In all coaching programs, you choose the emphasis: management, leadership, sales, emotional intelligence, or any combination you prefer. 

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