Sales Training & Coaching

One of the best ways to improve your sales FOREVER is to learn emotional intelligence. Proven fact: Sales people who practice EQ are able to close more deals to a wider range of people, sometimes selling four and five times more than people with lower EQ. 


The results of our sales coaching are so powerful, there's even a guarantee. 

The first session is always free!   Spend an hour with Daniel, reviewing your goals and what you might want from a coaching relationship.  If you decide to move forward with coaching, you'll start by completing several assessments (behavioral style, cognitive style, and learned as well as natural motivators).  These provide you with self-awareness -- the foundation of Emotional Intelligence. 

Daniel started his career in sales, and was top performing salesman in the city of Chicago. Later he became a sales manager and then a sales trainer before launching his own company. 

Want a training session for your team?  In just one day you can get your team in an EQ culture so they're using the language and seeing results right away.  To drive it home permanently we'll work with you to deliver an EQ package that results in higher sales, guaranteed.   Schedule a free consult today

If you prefer 1:1 coaching, that's done either over the phone or via an online forum (such as Skype or GoToMeeting, whatever works best for you).  You are free to contact your coach as much as you need or want -- it's all included in the fee.  Typically, sessions happen once per week and last between 60 - 90 minutes. 

Coaching relationships generally last six months.  

Want to schedule a free one-hour session with Daniel?   Call (208) 375-7606 now, or click the button and choose a date / time that works for you.  It's that easy, and the price is right.