Creating Passion-Driven Teams

Do your teams strive for excellence?  

Too often, managers are tasked with building a team, but have litte or no training on how to do it. 

The truth:  You CAN create dedicated, engaged teams.  

This book will help!

Nuts and Bolts of Team Leadership.
Many books available on team leadership give you some nice abstract ideas that you may be able to alter to fit your needs. CREATING PASSION-DRIVEN TEAMS by Dan Bobinski goes beyond abstract ideas to give you the actual nuts and bolts you're looking for.

-- Monty Rainey, New Braunfels, TX  (from Amazon review)

Practical. Useful. Insightful. 
I have read a lot of outstanding business authors, but I have never seen one deliniate the seperate roles and responsibilities of front-line workers, management and leadership so succinctly.


-- Trent Stoker, Enumclaw, WA  (from Amazon review)

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