Creating Passion-Driven Teams

Delegation Helps


As highlighted in Creating Passion-Driven Teams, delegation means giving someone THREE things: 


  • Responsibility - the burden or obligation to complete the work


  • Authority - the power to control or do the work


  • Accountability - the obligation to explain and justify the results


When delegating large projects, here are four steps to follow: 


1. Determine if delegation is the best approach

Does the person have the apptitude and time to do it? 

Will you relinquish control? 

Do you think the end-product will meet stated needs? 


2. Think it through!

What's the person's workstyle?

How, if needed, should you adjust?

What kind of follow-up / accountability structure do you want?  


3. The actual act of delegating

Write out the project overview (timeline/desired outcome/resources)

Meet with the person, go over the project

Ask if expected outcomes are clear

Ask his/her perspective on what might help / hinder the project

Mutually agree on checkpoints & metrics

Mutually agree on what should be done if things go awry

Release the responsibility, authority, and accountability


4. Wrap things up

Give abundant praise up & down the chain-of-command

Conduct an "after-action-review" to debrief what went well, 

      not so well, and what could have been done differently

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