DISC for Teachers & Students

DISC for Teachers 

What truly motivates you? What is your preferred teaching environment?  How are you perceived? How can you adapt your teaching styles to accommodate the four learning styles?  This report tells you! 

View the sample report to see what you will learn about yourself. 

DISC for Students*

What is your preferred learning style? How do you like teachers to talk to you?

Which study tips work best for you?

BONUS:  Careers that match your style!

View the sample report to see what you will learn about yourself. 


*Students as young as 8 can complete the assessment if an adult explains some of the words.  A Jr. High student should be able to complete the assessment alone. 



We recently came across this excellent overview of what's measured in a DISC assessment.   It's created by a company in Australia, so if you're Down Under, feel free to contact them!  But if you're stateside, we provide the same services and, yes, the same DISC assessment.  Let us know if you'd like to order these assessments for YOUR workplace. 


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