If the job could talk, what would it tell you about the kinds of behaviors and motivations that were needed to succeed? 

These wonderful assessments provide excellent insights into what is needed for success. 

Job Benchmarking

The JOB FIT reveals both the behaviors (DISC style) and the Motivators that are the best match for optimal success on the job. The WORK ENVIRONMENT proves an in-depth review of the behaviors needed for success. 

Truth be told, when we're benchmarking for a high-level position, we actually use BOTH!

After a job is benchmarked, you can compare the DISC and Motivator results of your top applicants ---or those of curent employees seeking to move into the new position.  The best person for a position may or may not have the closest "match" on the DISC and Motivator graphs, but all of our clients go "WOW" on how helpful it is to have this knowledge going IN to an interview. 

These work.  Our church used these to benchmark the Worship & Arts Pastor's position.  The man we selected was a perfect match to the benchmark, and eight years later he's still on the job and people love him.

- D. Wiseman
Boise First Church of the Nazarene


I love how these cut through the "guessing" and provide a clear picture of what behaviors are necessary for success on the job.  I've used these with success, and have recommended them to many other businesses.

- Anne Little-Roberts
CEO, Meridian Chamber of Commerce


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