Creating Passion-Driven Teams

Job Descriptions / Job Analysis


This method of Job Analysis is GREAT for creating job descriptions and it's the starting point getting people trained in a particular position. 



1. Gather a group of “experts” for a particular job



2. Have each expert make their own list of that they
    believe the duties to be



3. Starting with one person, have him/her read out loud
    one of the identified duties



4. Others in the group will likely have identified a similar duty

a) As a group, decide if the responsibility is a DUTY or a TASK

b) If a duty, come to consensus on the best wording for that duty

c) Write the duty in large letters on a piece of copy paper

     and tape it to the wall

d) Have everyone cross that duty off their list.



5. Move on to the next person, have him/her read off another duty.
    Then repeat step 4



6. Continue around the room until everyone has provided a duty,
    then start over with the first person again and keep going
    around the room until everyone’s list is exhausted.



7. When finished, there should be between five and fourteen duties
    on the wall. If more than fourteen exist, look at how some of the
    duties could be combined so that no more than fourteen exist


8. If there are less than five, it may be that some duties have been

    defined too broadly. Consider which ones may be too

    comprehensive and break them down, if needed.



9. Prioritize the duties

a) Divide the total number of duties by three.
    This tells you how many high / medium / low priorities to make

b) Identify the highest priority duties and group them off to one side

c) Identify the lowest priority duties & group them to the other side

     (the remining duties by medium-priority by default)



10. Starting with the high-priority duties, start the whole process over,

      but have your SMEs brainstorm the TASKS for each duty. 

      Work through all the duties, and you have a comprehensive

      duty & task list.





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