Internationally recognized expert on workplace issues and author of the best-selling book Creating Passion-Driven Teams


Speaking Topics

- Leadership & Management Roles/Responsibilities
- Developing & Maintaining Motivation
- Team Building
- Customer Service / Customer Loyalty
Travels internationally / Travels from Idaho, USA

Dan Bobinski, M.Ed. 

Dan Bobinski

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Dan Bobinski’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 

Over the past 25 years, Dan has influenced the workplace of tens-of-thousands of people in hundreds of companies from more than a dozen countries. A sought-after workplace consultant, speaker, and author, Dan Bobinski is characterized by his clients and colleagues as perceptive and insightful, with a genuine concern for the big picture as seen through day-to-day business operations. 








When Dan Bobinski speaks, he is truly speaking with his audience, connecting with them from his heart with warmth and humor. Dan is an engaging and dynamic storyteller, and, as many people have said, he is adept at making complex issues easy to understand. 


Dan is originally from the Chicago area. After serving six years in the United States Navy, he founded Leadership Development, Inc., in 1989.  The company has grown into an international management training and consulting company that specializes in bringing leadership, management, and front-line employees into "strategic alignment."  The goal is always better productivity, effectiveness, and profitability. In addition to being a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Dan has also been an adjunct instructor at his alma mater, Idaho State University.


Dan’s best-selling book Creating Passion-Driven Teams

continues to receive five-star ratings on,

and it has been on the top-ten business books list in

many countries. Additionally Dan has authored or

co-authored numerous other books, including

Living Toad Free: Removing Obstacles to Success, The

Trainer’s Intellect, and The Really Simple Way to Hire,

Train, and Retain Great Employees. Dan Bobinski’s other

writing has also made a world-wide impact through

his syndicated Workplace Excellence column, which has

been translated into dozens of languages.  His work 

has also appeared in The Times of London,

CXO Magazine, and the Journal of Management Services.

Dan has been interviewed by CNN Money, quoted on

FOX News Business and ESPN, and has been interviewed

on numerous radio stations around the United States. 


More About Dan Bobinski . . .

Dan Bobinski was selected as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1987, received numerous commendations during his time in the service, and graduated summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Workforce Education and Development.  He went on to earn his Masters Degree in Training and Development from Idaho State University, where he graduated with honors and also received the Outstanding Student Recognition award. He serves and has served on several boards and has made many contributions toward bettering the workplace.  He also served as President of the Eastern Idaho Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development.  He is a Certified Behavioral Analyst in addition to holding several other workplace assessment certifications. Dan Bobinski has completed all of his doctoral studies from the University of Idaho for a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership, and is currently contemplating several areas of focus for his dissertation to complete the degree. 


Dan is a popular speaker at conferences, and enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter. Sometimes he even takes the motor home and brings along his faithful pups on the trip. 


Suggested Keynote Programs:

"Dan Bobinski is an expert at taking complex workplace issues and making them easy to understand."

Nicola Hunt, co-founder & President of

"Dan is an amazing speaker! I've been to lots of trainings, from Brian Tracy, to Zig Ziglar, to Bob Proctor, and I got more from Dan's training than any other!"

- Jennifer Quinn, President,

Exploding the Myths of Motivation:
               What do we know (or not know) about motivation?


Strategic Alignment:  
              Getting all levels of the organization rowing in the same direction


Achieving Management Excellence:  
             Building teams that WANT to work together


The Big Picture of Customer Service:  
            Creating a big picture requires hundreds of small brush strokes


Working "Toad Free":  
            Removing obstacles to success

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