When you must fill a position, it's vital you identify the BEST applicant. 
Our system does that for you.  Our clients LOVE how well it pinpoints the best applicants ---and how much time it saves them!
Here's how it works: (We help with any or all of these steps)


1.  Clarify the job description


We help clarify the duties and tasks so we can establsih a good benchmark. 

2.  Benchmark the job


People familiar with the job's requirements complete questionnaires to create a benchmark. The resulting report is used later to compare and contrast the styles of the finalist candidates.  It's not a litmus test -- simply a way to determine where candidates line up well and where they don't.  

3.  Prioritize the job requirements and
     determine what questions you want
     to ask each "A-list" applicant.


All "A-list" applicants receive a phone interview, and
each will be asked the same questions (usually five
or six). Those questions explore an applicant's
experience doing what is deemed high-priority in
your job opening. 

4.  Advertise the position.


Nothing magical here, but many low-cost or free options exist that are read by people who have
the skills you're looking for.  We always identify and use these options. 

5.  Collect and sort resumes.


We compare/contrast each resume against the high-priority job requirements identifed in Step 3. Resumes get sorted into A, B, and C stacks based on an applicant's stated experience.  


6.  Call & interview the "A-list" applicants.


We call each "A-lister" and ask the questions identified
in Step 3.  Answers are transcribed and scored. We
learn a lot over the phone, and this step weeds out a
percentage of the A-list. 

7.  Meet briefly with
      high-scoring applicants.


In today's world of Skype, GoToMeeting, and Facetime, this step is possible even with out-of-town applicants.  A short 15-minute meeting with us, you (the client) and each high-scoring applicant tells us who we should move on to the next phase.  No sense in spending 30 - 60 minutes with each applicant at this point, because many who sound good over the phone get weeded out here.  


8.  Assess the top applicants.


Applicants who do well in Step 7 are asked to
complete online assessments which are
& contrasted with the benchmark
created in Step 2. 

9.  Conduct in-depth panel interviews
    with your finalists.


We strongly recommend panel interviews as "final" interviews.  Using our system, we conduct the first portion of the interview, asking finalist to address some of the findings from their assessments. This allows you, the client, to observe finalists without having to be "on."  Then we turn it over to the panel for their round of questions.   

10. Compare and contrast.


Sometimes the best choice is obvious, sometimes it's not (which is why we are adamant about doing Steps 1 - 3).  The full panel may or may not have voting rights, but their opinions and concerns should be considered!  As a third-party outside the political loop, our perspective is also helpful. 

11.  Make a choice & wrap it up.


After making a choice and having the position offered and accepted, we contact all the applicants to notify them the position has been filled.    




"I'm happy to recommend this system. When people I hired 13 years ago are still with me, yes -- the system works very well."

Vanetta Chesbro-Wilson

Chesbro Music Company

"I needed a new Director of Finance--fast. Dan Bobinski did all the screening and found the BEST applicant!"

Nora Carpenter, President

United Way of the Treasure Valley

"I've used this system with success, and I recommend it to others whenver I can. They've all had great success with it, too."

Anne Little Roberts, CEO

Meridian Chamber of Commerce

We're so confident about our process, we even offer a guarantee. 


You can rely on our 25+ years of interviewing experience
(more than 2000 interviews!)

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