These extremely insightful reports describe how you as a student deals with problems, influences people, follow procedures, and set your work pace. 

Student Version DISC Assessments

The WorkStyle Analysis (also available in a Sales Version) is a longer version DISC report that has many valuable pages.  View the sample to see what's inside!

- Study Tips for YOUR style

- A list of possible careers

  that your style enjoys

-  Checklist for YOUR communication style

-  What hinders communication with you


The TeamBuilding version is slightly shorter, looking at team effectiveness and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of one's work style. 

We recently came across this excellent overview of what's measured in a DISC assessment.   It's created by a company in Australia, so if you're Down Under, feel free to contact them!  But if you're stateside, we provide the same services and, yes, the same DISC assessment.  Let us know if you'd like to order these assessments for YOUR workplace. 


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