The premier course for creating cohesive and productive teams.

Would you like your teams to be top performers? 

In studies to identify the differences between average performers and top performers, it was discovered that two-thirds of the difference is Emotional Intelligence! 


In this course, we go beyond the popular books. You learn hands-on methods and strategies that produce high levels of emotional intelligence -- AND consistent top performance.

Be more productive - and more effective! 

Organizations and teams taking this course get equipped with powerful interpersonal and work management tools. They communicate MUCH better and have higher productivity and effectiveness.

More profitability! 

When you have more productivity with more effectiveness, and it's a recipe for increased profitability.  Companies realize a HUGE return on investment from putting their people through this course. 

Example:  Lopez Foods = 968% ROI
Also see Dave Wilson's comment below.

What's in the course? 

  • Engaging and interactive lessons

  • A deep dive into emotional intelligence strengths and blind spots

  • A full series of assessment tools

  • In-depth learning on content from Daniel Bobinski's Creating Passion-Driven Teams

  • Tools for applying Covey's 7 Habits


You can also choose to include: 

  • Goal setting  / Project management

  • Root cause analysis / Problem solving

  • Managing change / Getting maximum buy-in

  • How to train other people 

  • Listening skills / Conflict resolution

       ... and much more

This course applies to all industries, and there is never a charge for customization. 


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How is the course delivered? 

Over the past several decades, we have delivered this course many different ways, always adapting to meet the needs of our clients.  

Most common courses are: 

  • 4 sessions (avg 1 day per month)
  • 6 sessions (avg 1 day per month)


Q)   Why one day per month?

A)   Optimal retention and application!


Neuroscience research calls this, “attention density” – spreading learning out over time. If you want the best results, this gives you the best results.  

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What will this course do for you? 

Maybe your results will be like that of McCain Foods, USA, Inc.  Dave Wilson, a continuous process improvement manager with McCain, told us: 

“We are a manufacturing company, and we know exactly how profitable we're going to be based on how much we produce.  And, when we make a capital improvement, we know exactly when that investment will pay off, and how much more profit we’ll make. Well, this year we are millions of dollars ahead of where we’re supposed to be, and the only thing we’re doing differently is this course.”

Or maybe you'll be like the CFO of a $112,000,000 company, who told us:

"I'm in my 60's and I'm learning so much. I wish I had this course 40 years ago." 

Or maybe your results will be like a manufacturing plant in the Midwest.  They were getting over 200 grievances a year filed against their supervisors. After only four half-day training sessions, grievances had dropped by 68%. 

Tami Ferguson, Vice President of Retail Operations at Washington Trust Bank, says, 

"If you are looking for someone to stir your organization to higher levels of performance, you will be greatly impressed with the results Daniel brings you."

These are people just like you. It doesn't matter what industry you're in or the current culture of your company. Our content combined with our engaging method of instruction brings you guaranteed results. 

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Taking this course equips your teams to dramatically improve their workplace performance.


It has been so effective for our clients for 30 years, we guarantee results. 

Ready to learn what emotional intelligence can do for your workplace?  

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