Workplace Motivator Assessments

Motivations are part of our mindset --- our way of valuing and filtering what we see and hear, and influencing our decisions every day. 


The word "Motivation" literally means "a reason to move."  When you are clear about what drives you --- and learn how to identify motivations in others --- you have a much clearer view of what you must do to succeed. 


- Self-awareness

- Conflict resolution 

-  Identifying the best applicants  

-  Personal/professional development

-  Succession planing ---- and MORE!

Use these for

The Workplace Motivators report identifies your preferences in your drive for

- knowledge

- financial leverage

- aesthetics

- community well-being

- authority

- a system for living


It sure helps to know an applicant's "internal cattle prod" during the interview process. These reports provide a wealth of information.

Lynn Hoffman, Former Executive Director
Idaho Nonprofit Center


Very helpful.  It confirmed and gave tangible support for what I had only suspected. It provided even more insights than I was expecting.


Joseph P. Mortion III, Esq.

Owner, Intermountain Legal Group

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