All workshops are customized to meet your specific needs at no extra charge. 

Just contact us and tell us what you're looking for. 


Fundamental Management Skills

- Translating strategy to measurable outcomes

- Project management / Time management

- Knowledge management 

- Decision-making / Prioritizing under pressure

By the end of this workshop you'll be aware of the best practices for planning, organizaing, and managing the work for which your team is responsible, & much more!


Exploding the myths of motivation

- What workers really want / Exposing myths

- The link between values and motivation

- Obstacles identification / Obstacle removal

- How to 'Create the Weather'

By the end of this workshop you'll know the six core motivators, how to link employee motivations with organizational goals, motivational TRUTH, & much more!


Managing people to top performance

- The manager's role in hiring

- Providing direction / Delegation Do's & Don'ts

- Removing obstacles / Dealing with failure

- Listening skills / Conflict resolution

By the end of this workshop you'll be well-versed in performance management, how to mentor and coach, effective teambuilding methods, and much, much more!


Dealing with difficult people

- The link between "difficult" and "different"

- Transforming negativity into genuine growth

- Learning to "value the differences"

- Aggression, passive-aggression, & assertiveness

By the end of this workshop you'll know how to quell conflict between individuals & among teams, how to gain cooperation, how to MOVE FORWARD, and much more!


Dan has a unique ability to connect with audiences of all types. He expresses truth in a way that has people openly agreeing with it, even if that truth is not pretty.  He also gets people nodding, lauging, and agreeing as he focuses them on solutions. 


Tami Ferguson, Washington Trust Bank

When we do a capital improvement, we can calculate exactly when that investment will pay off. This year we are MILLIONS of dollars ahead of where we thought we'd be, and the ONLY thing we're doing different is this management class. 


Dave Wilson, McCain Foods, USA, Ltd. 

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