All workshops are customized to meet your specific needs at no extra charge. 

Just contact us and tell us what you're looking for. 


Creating passion-driven teams

- Mastering the "Management Matrix"

- Performance problem evaluation

- Using neuroscience research to improve 'change'

- Establishing a 'balanced diet' of effective meetings

By the end of this workshop you'll know how to clarify roles, responsibilities, and communication channels; how to maximize each person's motivation, & much more!


Becoming top performers

- The power of emotional intelligence

- The power of personal standards

- The power of healthy boundaries

- The power of personal project management

By the end of this workshop you'll understand what separates top performers from average performers, what you can do to become a top performer, & much more!


Customer service: internal & external

- Building trust with those who don't want to trust

- 5 steps for resolving ANY customer service issue

- The danger of saying "I know how you feel"

- Resovling others' problems without "owning" them

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to keep customer good will while achiving company goals, how to say "no" without antagonism, and much, much more!


Conflict resolution for teams

- Differentiating between "conflict" and "tension"

- Being ethical under pressure

- The hard truth about "win/win"

- Aggression, passive-aggression, and assertiveness

By the end of this workshop you'll know how to quell conflict between individuals & among teams, how to gain cooperation, how to MOVE FORWARD, and much more!


The ideas, advice, materials, and guidance you provided have helped, and will no doubt continue to help. Not only do we better under-stand each other, we have learned how to best communicate with each other, allowing us to better utilize the unique talents of each staff member. 


Ronald E. Shepard, Boise State University

I couldn't believe it.  In a matter of hours I saw my team transformed after years of bickering, turf wars, and "cold shoulders" to open conversations with a commitment to working together as a team. 


Bret Mattinson, McCain Foods, USA, Ltd. 

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