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DISC communication styles

- Observable behavior and communication style

- How to easily identify the four basic styles

- Communication preferences for each style

- Knowing when and how to adapt

By the end of this workshop you'll know the four DISC styles, how to communicate with each one, how 'style' affects productivity & team dynamics, and much more!


Workplace motivators

- Nature vs. nurture: How motivators are formed

- Why some people "click" -- and others do not!

- The power of respecting differences

- The role of motivators in decision-making

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to identify the six motivators which drive behavior, how to "speak the language" to reach each motivatinoal style, & much more!


DISC sales style analysis

- Observable behavior and buying style

- How to easily identify the four buying styles

- How each style prefers to buy

- Knowing when and how to adapt

By the end of this workshop you'll know the four buying styles, how to create the right environment for each one, how your style affects how you sell, and much more. 

Sales skills: The six phases of a sale

- Discover what you know about each of the six phases

- Qualifying techniques that WILL boost your sales

- Techniques for pinpointing where to focus your effort

- ID what you're doing well, and NOT doing well

By the end of this workshop you'll know how your knowledge of sales compares to other sales people, what you need to study to improve your sales, and much more!


The ideas, advice, materials, and guidance you provided have helped, and will no doubt continue to help. Not only do we better under-stand each other, we have learned how to best communicate with each other, allowing us to better utilize the unique talents of each staff member. 


Ronald E. Shepard, Boise State University

These assessments are excitingly accurate. By learning about DISC with my team, I was able to adjust how I manage their assignments, improve productivity, and increase my bottom line.  


Wallace Smith, Owner, Wally's Automotive

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